Where: Soho, Dean Street

Cuisine: Vietnamese Street Food
Swank Levels: 2/5

My Lemongrass Chicken Salad with Green Tea

Nam is not swanky, it’s cool. Located in an inconspicuous corner of Dear Street, Nam’s lack of gimmicks is strangely alluring. At first glance Nam looks more like a warehouse than a restaurant, with its grey walls and a stainless steel counter. However the clever combination of solid grey and multi cultured paper lanterns bring an edgy chic to the restaurant.
Nam has recently made a name for itself in the street food market by serving only the basic healthy Vietnamese dishes. Diners can choose from one of two main courses, either a noodle soup or a noodle salad topped with one of beef, chicken, prawns or tofu. You also have the choice of freshly made spring rolls on the side, and a variety of green tea to drink, but that’s it.

Would I Want Seconds?
Although the menu is very sparse the food is full of flavour.

All the ingredients are so fresh you can actually taste the difference between the crunchy lettuce in your meal here and the ones you buy pre-packed from Tesco. It is also cooked in front of the customers on request.
It is obvious that these are tried and tested recipes as the combination of flavors, from the balance for sweetness in the sauce to the added crunch of fried onions, making each dish a perfect combination of tastes as well as textures.

In addition each dish is large enough to be a full meal, for lunch or dinner. In fact for the price it is actually surprising just how much food you get, as many similar street food restaurants in the same area would easily charge double for these portion sizes.

Although Nam’s the menu is limited, this may have worked to their advantage as the food they do serve is fabulous.

Can I Afford Seconds?

Definitely. Both main courses are £5.90 and green tea is £1.80. So under £8 you can have a proper Vietnamese meal. If a main course and spring rolls are ordered together then you won’t leave hungry. Instead the food here is satisfying but also immensely healthy, to the extent that if green tea was added to the menu diners will leave with a warm detoxed glow.
Not bad for dinner

The food is here is stunning and the d├ęcor is original. However Soho is renowned for having a quick turnaround of restaurants, with previously well-known venues closing down and being replaced quite suddenly. The slightly ran-shackled cooking area, and strange lack of toilets makes me feel like this is a gem which isn’t going to last very long.

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