Where: Regent's Street, Fitzrovia

Cuisine: Turkish

Swank Levels: 3/5

 Would I Want Seconds?

Ozer has become somewhat of a regular destination for me as it ticks a lot of essential boxes.

Perfectly located for dining after shopping, working or studying in central London, Ozer is definitely convenient. But not only is the location accessible, the food is too.

Although Ozer classes itself as a Turkish restaurant, the menu encourages variety rather than Ottoman purity. Dishes such as spicy fish pot, Malaysia prawns and even steak are included on this menu. Although this may sound like a strange amalgamation of food, Ozer’s variety doesn’t work towards its detriment; instead the well-cooked and well-presented dishes attract a wider variety of people. This may be because the names and descriptions of the food are not daunting but in fact strangely familiar.

In the same way the menu caters for all, Ozer is also a restaurant that seems to suit any occasion; there are shoppers, couples, large groups celebrating and smart workers here on any given night.

Ozer is a large restaurant, which means that you will be seated quickly either outside or inside, another reason why we are regulars there. However, the number of diners does mean that often waiting times for food and a waiter’s attention can be long. This on the other hand means that it is an ideal restaurant to lounge and loiter, as you will not be hassled for your table. In fact, they would have no problem if you sat there for while having only ordered their lush real mint tea and ate the complimentary hummus and bread.

Could I afford Seconds?

Yes. Ozer is the flagship restaurant from the Sofra Chain of restaurants, all which constantly have offers on. At Ozer, there is an all-day menu where main courses, hummus and warm bread are £8.95. However as portions is slightly on the small side this would be a better option for lunch, rather than dinner.



Ozer is the perfect middle ground restaurant and so gets a middling 3/5 from me.

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