Fire and Stone

Where: Covent Garden


Swank levels:

Very nice indeed. The branch in Covent Garden is set over two large floors and has a minimalist look tinged in red low level lighting.
The swish red and black colour scheme alongside very retro, though comfortable seating means the place does look good. It has a very chic and stylish look about it complete with an industrial grey ceiling which actually works quite well.

Would I want seconds:

Yes. The Pizzas on the menu are named after continents and countries, a nice talking point and on the whole they are very nice. Nothing that blows me away but stunning if you compare it to the prices (see below)...

Could I afford seconds:

Oh yes. This place has an array of deals from Sunday deals, two for £10 deals, theatre deals and a £5.75 lunch deal! Though of some of these you may have to book in advance (See website).


4/5... Impressive decor, inspiring food, perfect location and cheap deals. I’ll take one mark off for the fact that you have to book in advance for some of the cheapest deals. But it’s still one of my favourites!


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