The Holborn Dining Room at Christmas

Cuisine: British

Location: Holborn

Overall: 4/5

Swank Levels: 5/5

Diners cannot ask for a more festive location for a Christmas meal than the Holborn Dining Room. Located in the beautiful five-star Rosewood Hotel the entire exterior is lined with twinkling fairy lights and gleaming red decorations, along with a gorgeous large traditional Christmas tree placed in the central archway. Walking past the hotel the dining room looks cosy and elegant and I couldn’t wait to get inside!

Zumbura, Clapham

Reviewed by Guest Writer @Veggieeatslnd

Location: Clapham

Cuisine: Indian

Overall: 4/5

Swank Factor: 3 /5

Hidden amongst the cute boutiques and chic cafes in Clapham, lies Zumbura, an Indian restaurant with a difference. Founded by the makers of furniture retailer, Dwell, CEO Aamir Ahmad has created a restaurant that offers the food he enjoyed whilst growing up with his Indian-born parents in London. As a result you won't find a boring old tikka masala on the menu but instead a selection of food from the Purab region in North East India.

Festive Treats at The Pudding Bar

Location: Soho

Cuisine: Desserts and wine

Swank: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

The Pudding Bar is a small but inviting pop-up in the heart of Soho. Famously serving only desserts and wine to go with it, The Pudding Bar caused quite a stir when it opened. Sweet-toothed Londoners seemed to flock there in their masses and social media was full of mentions and immensely tempting photographs. As a result when I finally got a chance to go I couldn't wait to try it out!

Inito - Indian Street Food

Location: Spitalfields

Cuisine: Indian Street Food

Swank Levels: 3/5

Overall: 5/5

Inspired by original local delights from India’s roadside eateries, Inito is a new restaurant which aims to serve comforting authentically spiced street food.
My readers will know that Indian street food is my favourite food and so I couldn't wait to head to East London, just past the bustling Spitalfields Marketand try this new addition to the neighbourhood.

The Kensington Quarter

Location: Kensington

Cuisine: Mediterranean 

Overall: 3/5

Swank Factor: 4/5

The Kensington Quarter is the fifth and latest edition to the Quarter Group, located in Hotel Indigo in Earl's Court. 

The restaurant is a large modern space with of different spaces and seating tucked away around corners. There is a feel of 1950s diner/deli about the space and the combination of table seating, bar stool and even comfy sofas to relax on make The Kensington Quarter an ideal location for a variety of meals. 

Karpo, Kings Cross

Reviewed by Guest Writer @Veggieeatslnd

Location: King’s Cross

Cuisine: Modern European

Swank Factor: 3/5

Overall: For vegetarians 3/5

Karpo, located a stone's throw from King's Cross St Pancras station, is an all-day independent restaurant serving food from 7am until 10pm. Dimly lit with a rustic wooden design, Karpo also uses foliage on the walls to give it a fresh vibe making one forget the hustle and bustle outside the front door.

Evoluzione at Hotel Xenia

Location: South Kensington

Cuisine: Italian

Swank Factor: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

Welcome drinks in the bar

Evoluzione is a classy restaurant located inside the atrium of Hotel Xenia in South Kensington. It serves distinctive Italian food designed by Michelin Star awarded Chef Andrea Angeletti.

Pizza Union, Spitalfields

Cuisine: Italian

Location: Spitalfields

Swank Factor: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

Pizza Union is a restaurant with an industrial feel to it, but with added Shoreditch chic. The exposed breeze block walls, ceiling vents and long wooden plank tables with high stools work well with this restaurant's industrial theme.

Bumpkin, Notting Hill

Cuisine: British

Location: Notting Hill

Swank Factor: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

A venue for a relaxing brunch with a group of friends was required and I couldn’t think of anything better than Bumpkin. I’d heard a lot of hype about this restaurant and couldn’t wait for a chance to give it a try.

The Red Fort

Cuisine: Indian

Location: Soho

Swank Factor: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

Founded in 1983, The Red Fort is a restaurant on Dean Street that I’ve walked past for many years. Although well established, there are many more exciting restaurants in Soho that have tempted me away from here. However on this particular occasion I decided to take the plunge and try it out.